You ask what it takes to make a music video? Right? I had no idea either. It seems as though an easy question until you get into it.

The band had been looking around for someone to produce our first music video and after some research and time we decided to go with Jeff Palmer at Flicker Pictures. We are so glad we did!!!

Being a first time video we had no idea what it all would entail; the research, collaboration, funding, time, and overall experience was far more than we had anticipated. Leave it to Jeff to guide us through the maze of everything. He was excellent when it came to storyline and took our small vision, completely overhauled it, and turned it into something even I had never thought of.

Along the way his expertise and knowledge lead us to feeling more comfortable and excited about this extremely difficult endeavor. The expectations we had were minimal considering our budget, but as we got closer to finishing, we could see that the end result was going to be far more than any vision that we had for the video. The result is one of the best music videos I've seen, both low and high budget.

I can personally recommend Jeff Palmer and Flicker Pictures for the amazing work and personal attention that we received. He truly is a great visionary, producer, leader and overall easygoing guy.

Rick Myatt, guitarist ~ Larusso