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A young journalist and a psychiatric nurse are both drawn into the mystery of a drowned woman in the backwoods of Maine. Their journey leads them to a sacred lake, an ancient Indian tribe, and a dream world of gruesome demon-spirits.


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"You've accomplished a miracle -- a truly engaging and horrifying genre piece that completely avoids the recent trend toward over the top unnecessary gore. There's great scenes of suspense, lots of great relationships, and a lot of very memorable and likable characters. You have a handle on pacing, exposition, dialogue, and professional formatting. Very well done."         ~ WILDsound Film Festival

"You have written an effective thriller that's filled with dangerous situations, terrific Native American lore, sympathetic characters that we care about and those we root for and want to see win, and exciting and unique action sequences."    
                                                                 ~ Bluecat Screenplay Competition

"Nice job balancing homage, horror and humor. This kind of genre work so often trips over cliches and flat dialogue, and I thought you dodged those two pitfalls with finesse. A very, very solid piece of work."
                                                               ~ Michael Gillis, Roundtable Pictures

"It is a very impressive script... in the true spirit of H.P. [Lovecraft]"
                                                              ~ Emeric Spooner, Maine Supernatural

"Jeffrey Blake Palmer's nightmare parade The Sleeping Deep rose to the top..." 
                                                                           ~ H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

"If this film [script] is awarded the high level of production it deserves, then we are in for a treat the likes of which is seldom to be seen in the horror film industry."
                                                                      ~ Michelle Souliere, Strange Maine



Jeffrey B. Palmer, writer/director

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