Hi there.


A few words about "The Echo in My Mind" video...


Chris Yanez, the singer/guitarist for Mouse Grey was looking for a music video that paid homage to the experimental, abstract, late 80s and early 90s art rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine... so that is what I kept in mind heading into the process.


Since both time and resources were in short supply (aren't they always?) I had little choice but to dig through my bins of dusty video tapes: Video8, Hi8, Digital-8, VHS, MiniDV, and transfers of college and home movies shot on 16mm and Super 8mm (yes, actual film), so the collection of images you see in this video have been around for quite a while, some footage dates back to 1970. How's that for retro? The newest footage, of the band, was shot with an HV20 in HDV format using a $10 strobe light and a large piece of black felt from Joann Fabrics.


All the effects used in post were simple stock effects in Adobe Premiere Pro, which is what I edited on. In keeping with the theme of abstractions, I aimed to create a timeless "music movie" by featuring mostly natural settings and elements (fire, water, land), strange symbols, and repeating patterns that might offer something visually different with each viewing. With any luck you'll enjoy the fruits of our collaboration. We certainly hope so.


On a personal note, I just want to thank the guys for humoring the director's request to "scream like your head is about to explode." It was worth it.


Rock on,


Jeffrey Blake Palmer