This video really captures the mood of the song! Very, very good!


I like it, Jeff. Nice work! That's a lot of editing. Very cool.


I think it's really really dope! I've never seen any one use the mirror filter and have it look as good as you pulled it off in this vid! It's strange, but in a wonderful way! Grats on it, came out fantastic!


LOVED what you did. Your imagination is what made the video for me.


Wow! I think this is a perfect example of form following function....imagery really reflects the soundscape ... Really, REALLY love the swish pans across lanes to on-coming cars and fast cuts to the sparkler Rorschachs.


Love the lighting during the band footage!


Very fitting, Jeff. Fantastic job.


Loved it! I never watch local band videos all the way thru... lighting fx were cool n music kept me drawn in!!! Keep it up guys.


...fantastic job on the music video! I liked the black and white jumpy skippy footage of the guitar, and the processed driving around stuff the most... Very cool.


Cool! Thanks for sharing this. Retro, indeed. You pulled off the desired effect quite well.


Yeah, it really does look like something you would have seen on MTV in 1990. Which I imagine is a hard look to get in 2011. And it all hangs together well. Nice work.


A couple of times in the video you do some really impressive on-the-beat cutting which I like a lot. Overall nice scuzzy loose and nostalgic feeling, which fits really well with the music.


LOVE IT! A little Afghan Whigs, a little Cure with a dash Gene Loves Jezebel....! When will my eyes be in a rawk vid?????


Hey, very cool, Jeff... thanks for sharing. Always thought it would be a kick to work on a music vid... but imagine it has its own share of unique challenges. Good work!


Nice work, Jeff.... the effects during the beginning and end sequences... fit the mood perfectly.


Wow Jeff, very cool and trippy. Very 60's. Good work.