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Loyd Greenblat Redux


Here are some possible starter lines to get you going. Read ’em then riff away:


1. Loyd was a total hack and his art was grade school quality at best.

2. I have my doubts regarding the father-son relationship between Loyd and Lenny.

3. The reason Loyd’s art achieved cult status is obvious.

4. Picasso, Da Vinci, Van Gough… midgets when compared to Greenblat.

5. I’d have to say that Loyd’s (choose a title of artwork) is and forever will be his signature piece.

6. For example, take Lenny G. Blat’s song “boobs not bombs” and Loyd’s “nipples not nukes”.

7. I touched a Greenblat at the Guggenheim and haven’t washed this finger since.

8. One could say that Greenblat was single-handedly responsible for the flattening of cubist principles and the conformation of abstract theory.

9. Generally speaking, the overarching sentiment of Greenblat’s work remains to be appreciated by the general public and, moreover, the art world in general.

10. Loyd was very politically active, yet his art remained apolitical.

11. Loyd, the artist, was apolitical, yet his art was extremely political in nature.

12. When people look back at the work Greenblat produced while he was alive, they’ll see things.

13. Loyd was a crackpot schlub who needed the booze to get the babes – and the babes to get the booze.

14. I can’t think of an artist to date who touched the lives of so many yet asked for so little in return.

15. One could say Greenblat was killed by his art and they would be right, but Greenblat was dedicating that very piece of art to the spotted owl, so in effect, one could say that the spotted owl killed Loyd Greenblat.

16. I think it was Warhol [replace Warhol with any counterculture name or celebrity] who once said, “Greenblat was… he was just… he just was.”

17. Loyd was a big man in a little frame.

18. Greenblat was gestalt, gestalt was Greenblat.

19. No, I didn’t like his art, but we got drunk a few times and I had to cover the tab.

20. He once said, and I’ll quote, “I never wanted to be famous. I just want to fall in love.”

21. Greenblat was always more concerned with the parts of the whole rather than the individual pieces that created the form in its entirety.

22. The world was his canvas and people like you and I was his art… so we’ve all been touched by Loyd in some way or another.

23. “Nipples not Nukes” is clearly referring to the Chernobyl disaster.

24. “Nipples not nukes” is clearly Greenblat’s most sexually charged political statement to date.

25. Why people are still talking about Greenblat is beyond me.