The final installment of ISSUES: That’s Entertainment! is done, uploaded and ready for public consumption, which, it must be noted, isn’t the same as saying that it’s good for your health. But government surplus cheese wasn’t the best for us kids at school and we all turned out okay, right? So, for what it’s worth… eat up.

Matt and I shot the bulk of this footage, all of which was unscripted and improvised, in a day and a half. We approached the concept hoping only to stay busy, have some fun, act like assholes and capture the performances on video for the hell of it.

I drove to Oakland with nothing more than 2 video cameras, a tripod and a crate of props, wigs, sunglasses, and make-up in tow. I had a few characters in mind before rolling tape and we batted around some ideas before jumping in too deep, but what you see (or have seen) is our modest offering of low-brow, no-budget, goofball, jackass shenanigans. Take it. Leave it. Love it. Hate it. Cut. Print it. Done.

Bernie might be back with a casting call for “Disastrophe” at some point in the future and Matt might reprise his role of Maurice Cretard. I make no promises, one way or another. Never say never.

Thanks to all who gave it a look and were willing or inspired to rate the clips and post a comment or two. We appreciate your support!


Jeff Palmer

Matthew Magennis