Statement: This collection of art represents styles and experiments from the last few years. Through the painting process, I try new techniques and explore different methods of creating pieces layered with contrast, textures and energy. Lately I’ve been playing more with natural settings, objects and elements i.e. skylines, fish, insects – exaggerating or simplifying gestures and form wherever possible or appropriate.

When I find myself wondering, “Wouldn’t it be fun to see a larger-than-life leaf? What about a sockeye salmon or a centipede?”… I then start to mess around, putting those rough ideas into motion. The results are typically unexpected and enlivening. I believe art can be the pause that refreshes. Perhaps you feel the same way.

Education: Self-taught artist, still learning; degree in filmmaking; exhibiting since 2005

Styles: impressionism, abstracts, some realism - but not too much.

Inspiration: nature, wildlife, dreams, fire, music, food, friends, family

Quote: "There's a lot of art to make... and I'm just getting started."

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